NZ eCommerce

New Zealand eCommerce is in Rapid Growth Mode

eCommerce growth is a never ending saga, year on year we are seeing good gains and it has been this way for the last 15 years. Worldwide growth is averaging an amazing growth rate of 19.4% per year, currently worldwide eCommerce revenue is $963 Billion.

Expectations are for worldwide eCommerce growth to hit $1Trillion dollars within the next two-three years.

Open Source eCommerce Websites

5 Reasons to Go Open Source for your eCommerce Website

In the past, Windows has been traditionally used as the Operating System to host many eCommerce websites. Even the Access or SQL server, which is the “backend” in which information on customers and the vital company data is contained, has been hosted on Windows.

However, it has been noted that Windows as the Operating System for eCommerce websites has proven to be vulnerable to large scale attacks and serious threats. Fortunately, there is another alternative that is more secure, and that is to go open source.

Ecommerce Website Design

How to Strategically Design Your eCommerce Website for More Sales

No doubt about it, when it comes to making eCommerce sales, there are many factors that are involved. However, the reason that some eCommerce websites are great and make more sales than others is because they connect users to products with an efficient, easy and simple system.

When strategically designing an eCommerce website for more sales, there are many basic steps that can be carried out to enhance and improve a shopper’s online shopping experience.