How to Strategically Design Your eCommerce Website for More Sales

Ecommerce Website Design

No doubt about it, when it comes to making eCommerce sales, there are many factors that are involved. However, the reason that some eCommerce websites are great and make more sales than others is because they connect users to products with an efficient, easy and simple system.

When strategically designing an eCommerce website for more sales, there are many basic steps that can be carried out to enhance and improve a shopper’s online shopping experience.

Boosting Sales By Strategically Designing An eCommerce Website

Keep the navigation easy and simple.

Shoppers who visit an eCommerce website will only buy the product if they can easily figure out how to find it. Therefore, an eCommerce website should be simplified so that navigating through it is easy for shoppers.

There should be a clear title for each category and subcategory, and these titles should be prominently located on each page. There is no harm if an eCommerce website is minimal, but it should be appealing. It should be organized, self-explanatory and upfront tabs.

Get an excellent search bar.

Along with being easy to navigate, practically all successful eCommerce websites have an excellent search bar. Through a search bar, shoppers are able to conveniently and quickly find precisely what they are looking for. It should be made sure that relevant responses are yielded by each search specific to what the shopper is actually looking for.

Having a large search bar separated from the rest of the website’s tabs is a great idea. Along with being nice looking, the search bar will make it easier for shoppers to search for the brands featured on the eCommerce website.

Keep the payment system simple.

It is recommended that the payment should be easy. A streamlined and straightforward checkout will only further encourage shoppers to purchase a product from the website.

According to a study, a one click checkout can improve the rate of buying among shoppers by 20%. The best example of an eCommerce website with a one click checkout is definitely Amazon. Taking a note from their playbook, the payment system of an eCommerce website should be made as simple as it can be.

Have additional checkout features.

Along with having a straightforward payment system, shoppers should not feel that there is a lack of options on the eCommerce website.

It should be kept in mind that often products are purchased as gifts. So, services like personalized notes, receipts, returns and wrapping should be offered. Features like these also encourage the customer to make a purchase.

Showcase products in an attractive manner.

eCommerce website owners spend a lot of time on their product, therefore, showing off their product in the best possible quality is also in their best interest. Regardless of what product is being sold, incorporating a product with lifestyle-oriented setting will give users an idea of what it would be like to use the product.

It is not necessary that a professional photographer will be required for great pictures. Images on an eCommerce website can be improved in several ways without breaking the bank. When it comes to encouraging shoppers to click “Buy,” a role is also played by appealing pictures and smart design.

Provide shoppers with essential and relevant details.

In the retail world, an evolution has occurred in data-sharing. Basic information about products, such as availability, color and sizing, is certainly essential. However, providing customers with information on how a product was made, what other customers are saying about it and how it will be shipped is necessary too.

Among the shoppers of today, when it comes to deciding whether or not to make a purchase, an extremely critical part is played by good product information.

Ensure shipping costs are apparent on the website.

Even before a shopper makes the final checkout, it should be made sure that shipping costs become apparent to shoppers on the eCommerce website. It will be less probable that shoppers will abandon their cart if they know about the extra shipping charges early on.

Since the status of a purchase is often checked by some shoppers, order history and tracking features should also be available on an eCommerce website to automate these processes.

Maximizing Sales By Strategically Designing An eCommerce Website.

Selling products on the Internet through an eCommerce website is somewhat of a science. To attract customers, the creative prowess of both a design and marketing genius is required in order to make conversions take place.

Thus, conversion rates of an eCommerce website can be improved and more sales can be made by strategically designing the website according to the above tips.