5 Reasons to Go Open Source for your eCommerce Website

Open Source eCommerce Websites

In the past, Windows has been traditionally used as the Operating System to host many eCommerce websites. Even the Access or SQL server, which is the “backend” in which information on customers and the vital company data is contained, has been hosted on Windows.

However, it has been noted that Windows as the Operating System for eCommerce websites has proven to be vulnerable to large scale attacks and serious threats. Fortunately, there is another alternative that is more secure, and that is to go open source.

The trend of going open source has been growing in the business community. Open source refers to database, Information Services, Operating System, and other essential software, which can be downloaded and used for free. More importantly, the code of the software is accessible so the software’s environment can be modified to fit the desires and needs of a business.

5 Advantages Of Going Open Source For eCommerce Websites?

Over closed source software, there are several advantages of using open source software for eCommerce websites.

The actual software code is available for free.

Today, the technologies involved in eCommerce businesses, in particular, are changing constantly. So, by going open source for an eCommerce website, the code can be easily transferred to new hardware, such as when migrating to a faster and new server.

With dynamic changes in the customer base, the code can be enhanced or modified to the eCommerce website accordingly. Moreover, bugs can be tracked and isolated more easily when further enhancements and modifications are made to the code, and can be fixed on the spot. By going open source, software to meet the needs of an eCommerce business does not have to be developed from the ground up.

An improved and modified software code can be redistributed.

By going open source, an eCommerce business owner will also get redistribution rights for the software. This way the latest developments and newest ideas that come from large software communities and developers can be accessible since they work together for a common cause.

In a closed source software environment, software developers are usually working against each other. In terms of staying ahead of competition, this is a really important advantage for eCommerce businesses.

An open source software can be used in any way.

When using commercial, closed source software for an eCommerce business, an entirely new product has to be purchased if a newer version becomes available and the existing version becomes obsolete. However, with open source software whenever newer versions are developed the upgrades can simply be applied to the existing software system as they become available.

Moreover, it is never compulsory that a business owner must upgrade an open source software or that the existing software can no longer be used. Thus, by not paying licensing fees for just one software system, his website can be installed on multiple servers, which can cut costs and ensure consistency for a eCommerce business.

Better levels of quality and security.

In open source software, the code is so popular that it is being examined and tested by many software developers. Thus, the standards of quality within the code always tend to be higher.

The code of closed source software is not really examined by as many software developers, and in order to meet corporate objects and unrealistic deadlines they may misguide the standards of quality.

Since the software code of an open source software system is being monitored by a worldwide community, any threats and vulnerabilities are immediately detected, which results in greater security. Threats to a closed source software system only become known after they have occurred.

There is a almost a zero cost of acquisition.

The cost of media, unlike the software from an open source vendor, closer source software is ordered on a CD instead of being downloaded for free on the Internet. For eCommerce business owners, this is a really great advantage, especially if the business is in a start up phase.

Closed source software systems tend to be quite expensive and by going open source, that money can be saved and spent on getting customers and marketing instead. In other words, going open source lowers the total cost of owning the software system.

Open Source Software Continues To Dominate.

A very great market dominance and share has been achieved by open source software, and it is quite obviously for a very good reason. Therefore, the distinct advantages of going open source should definitely be considered by eCommerce business owners, this type of software will benefit them in the long run.