New Zealand eCommerce is in Rapid Growth Mode

NZ eCommerce

eCommerce growth is a never ending saga, year on year we are seeing good gains and it has been this way for the last 15 years. Worldwide growth is averaging an amazing growth rate of 19.4% per year, currently worldwide eCommerce revenue is $963 Billion.

Expectations are for worldwide eCommerce growth to hit $1Trillion dollars within the next two-three years.


Here are projections for international growth by region and worldwide, with 2010 and 2013 estimates in billions of dollars, and compound annual growth rate for the 2010-13 period:

USA : From $165.8 Billion to $235.12 Billion, 12.4% growth
From $195.2 Billion to $283 Billion, 13.2% growth
From $155.7 Billion to $323.1 Billion, 27.5% growth
From $55.8 Billion to $121.7 Billion, 29.7% growth

GLOBAL : From $572.5 Billion to $963.0 Billion, 19.4% growth

In this article however we want to focus specifically on eCommerce Growth in New Zealand (part of Asia) which although a small part of the world their ecommerce industry is growing at a very rapid rate.

New Zealand, the small country to the south-east of Australia, yes that one...where the land is still vibrant and it is called a paradise and the land that time forgot. Well known for epic movie trilogy Lord of the Rings and now the Hobbit Movie.

Although NZ is small they pack a big country size punch, especially when it comes to online business and online selling / eCommerce boom in NZ is the introduction of smart devices in the last few years, this has opened up a completely new type of online commerce.

How Mobile Changes the Game

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Written by Ben Davis - MediaCore - The Web Specialists