Why You Need To Optimise Your Design For Mobile

Mobile Website Design Optimisation

Today, every conceivable industry is being encompassed by mobile. With every passing minute, there is a rise in the number of mobile device users.

The manufacture of various kinds of mobile devices, mobile Operating Systems and even apps for the same has proportionately risen because of this. With the emergence of this platform, it is now proving to be the perfect tool for businesses to market, showcase and sell their products and/or services.

This platform is also enabling businesses to interact with their customers and engage them in such a way that they feel encouraged to visit and purchase items from them repeatedly. The best way that a mobile presence can be built and developed by a business is to create or have a mobile website created. Through a mobile website, the chances of success with a business venture can be strengthened.

Although the creation and maintenance of a mobile website can be easily afforded by the bigger businesses, adopting this new platform can be a bit tricky for smaller businesses. However, the truth is that businesses can end up being at a clear advantage over others simply by possessing a mobile presence. Below are reasons why you need to optimise your web design for mobile for your business.

Reaching A Much Greater Number Of Smartphone Users

Smartphones and other mobile devices are now being utilised by more and more mobile users. People are no longer using mobile phones just to keep in touch with each other, rather are quickly becoming a viable means for people to do business.

Mobile phones are helping customers carry out real time chats with business representatives and find out about a business's new product updates. Mobile phones are also encouraging customers to share information about a business on their social networks, while on the go, and a lot more.

Regular websites are not properly rendered on mobile devices and therefore, the overall user experience provided by them to mobile visitors is not good enough. A lot more visitors can be reached and satisfied if a mobile website is created, as a result of which the chances of converting those visitors into a business's customers are increased.

Promoting The Business To A Wider Audience

All details regarding a business can be included on a mobile website, as a result of which the visitors can gain easy access to the business's contact numbers, directions, office or shop address, maps, and so on. Since these details of the business are readily available on the mobile website, visitors do not have to wait to get more details or to desktop computer they can use in order to contact the business.

In addition, typical mobile-specific features such as click-to-call and location can be used by businesses to their advantage. Through a mobile website, deals and discounts for visitors who are in the particular area of business can be offered more conveniently.

It allows businesses to further encourage their visitors to continue visiting their mobile website more often and also share the information with their online friends as well. QR codes can also be used so that the products of the business can be advertised on traditional print media, as a result of which even more potential users can be directed toward the business.

Improved Ranking In Google Search Engine Results

On Google, mobile websites are ranked a bit differently, in the sense that at times more priority is given by the search engine to websites that are considered to be mobile friendly. Although this does not imply that equal priority is not given to all websites, however, websites that render better on mobile devices are ranked better.

This means that there is a good chance that the website of a business is more likely to be displayed earlier and more often in the search engine results of Google if it is easier to navigate on mobile devices, loads faster and looks better on mobile devices, as far as resolution is concerned.


Keeping all of the points mentioned above in mind, optimising a business website for mobile devices can prove to be beneficial for companies in order to promote their business to a great extent. These days, optimising a website for mobile devices is not really difficult and is quite affordable too.

In fact, working with a responsive website design since it fits in with the current mobile trend rather easily. Therefore, investing that little additional money and time into getting your website design optimised for your business is definitely recommended and now you know why you need to do it.