Is Responsive Website Design Better Than Mobile Design?

Responsive Website Design vs Mobile Design

The creation of mobile-friendly versions of business websites is now becoming imperative to companies that want to keep up with the mobile commerce trend. An increasing number of users access the Internet on their mobile devices while on the go. To ensure that these users remain engaged with a product, the best user experience possible on mobile devices should be provided.

Although a separate mobile website design is built by many companies, the creation of a responsive website is the very latest trend. Responsive design allows a single website design to work perfectly with conventional PCs and mobile devices.

The question is, whether or not responsive website design is better than mobile website design for your business? What can you do with a responsive website design that you cannot with a mobile website design? You might even be wondering whether creating a responsive website is really necessary, this article explains some of the pros and cons between the two.

Creating Content On Responsive Websites

It is true that the screen contents are automatically formatted by a responsive website design for different mobile systems. However, it must be understood that the expectations that different users have of your website will vary.

This aspect must be understood carefully and information through the responsive website design should be provided to them instinctively. For instance, a user accessing your website from a smartphone may simply want to know the address or telephone number of your business. On the other hand, a user visiting your website from a tablet computer may intend to perform more complicated tasks, such as find out the services you offer locally or even purchase something from your e-store.

Considering these mentioned examples, your goal should be to provide mobile users with a simple click-to-call feature and tablet users with a more advanced shopping cart service through the same website deisgn.

Creating Responsive Website Designs

Regardless of whether a website is being accessed from a desktop computer, smartphone or a tablet computer, the same URL of the website is used by a responsive website design.

On the other hand, the URL of a mobile website varies from the actual URL of the website. Thus, a mobile website design applies a simple auto redirect code so that users accessing the regular website from a mobile device are redirected to the mobile version of the website.

The good thing about a responsive website design is that a responsive website will not necessarily have to be created from scratch if you already have an existing website for your business. It is most likely that your current website can be substituted with a new responsive design by an experienced web designer. Of course, this will depend on your website itself as well and may not necessarily be possible.

So Is Responsive Website Design Or Mobile Website Design Better For Your Business?

The truth is that the needs and requirements of your business will determine which one of the two is the better choice. The following will help you better understand which website design will be better for your business.

If you want to incur the least possible expense and setup your website from scratch in the least possible time, then it might be better for you to create or have a simple mobile website created. Standard mobile devices will be supported by a basic mobile website and basic queries of customers, such as contact number, email address, location info and so on. It can also be quite affordable to get a separate mobile website created and maintaining it can also turn out to be easy.

It is true that unlike the creation of a separate mobile website, it can be a bit more complicated to work with a responsive website design. However, there are several benefits that can also be availed by incorporating it into your website.

First, updating a responsive website is far easier than updating a regular mobile website. Moreover, since a responsive website is also optimized specifically for search engines, it is more prominently displayed when searching through a mobile device. Although unlike a mobile website, it can be a bit more costly to get a responsive website created, however, the insertion and management of advertisements, payment, redirect, tracking and other codes is facilitated by it.

Responsive Website Design Is Better Than Mobile Website Design

No doubt, your customers can still effectively connect and interact with your website from a mobile device through a regular mobile website. However, the benefits of a responsive website exceeds that of a mobile website.

In the long run, the needs of the maximum number of mobile users are accommodated and maintenance is minimized by a responsive website design. Therefore, as long as you are willing to spend a bit more, setting up a responsive design for your business website then responsive design is the more desirable.