5 Common Website Development Mistakes to Avoid

Website Development Mistakes to Avoid

Having an Internet presence is essential for every business in this day and age. When developing a website, falling prey to a variety of mistakes is quite common and natural, even for high level web developers.

However, while it is possible to correct errors and undo false steps, there are certain website development mistakes that should be avoided because of the considerable grief they can cause.

It may seem surprising to you that these critical website development mistakes are rather common, yet avoiding them is quite easy. Here are 5 common website development mistakes to avoid and watch out for.

Do Not Make These Critical Website Development Mistakes.

1. Overdoing The Development Of A Website.

It is understandable that whether developing their own or a client’s website, developers want it to be different and unique from competitors, but this does not mean it should be overdone. Despite how popular Apple’s iPhone is, it was not built from scratch.

So, web developers should not be shy about modeling their website on other ones. It is likely that many websites on the Internet were also modeled on others. Many website developers make the mistake of aiming to create completely out of this world websites instead of websites that simply feel and look better than those of competitors.

2. Having No Objective For Site Visitors.

The basic goal behind developing a website is to convert visitors into customers, and in the world of the Internet, a 2% to 5% conversion rate is regarded as good, which is quite a small percentage. Therefore, a clear goal should be defined for visitors and the mistake of not doing so is quite frequently made when developing a website.

For instance, for a service business, the telephone number of the business should be placed on the top navigation, as can be seen at the GoDaddy website, and many others. Every webpage should be developed to achieve the objective of enhancing user experience and converting visitors.

3. Acting As Website Designers.

This mistake is particularly made by website developers who have skills in using Photoshop as well. A lot of time can be easily wasted in Photoshop in the attempt to make the “website design” look good. There are many unseen factors, such as alignment, color combinations, font sizes, font styles, white spacing, etc. that can be easily squared away by an experienced website designer.

However, website developers can take hours and hours to get these factors right. Therefore, hiring a graphic designer to work on the aesthetic aspects of a website is recommended, instead of wasting time that could be spent on the website development.

4. Thinking A Website Designer Knows Everything.

Outsourcing everything that has to do with the visual end of things to the website designer is certainly wise. However, usually website designers do not know about the business and what the website is being developed/designed for. However, despite knowing more about what is required, website developers tend to make the mistake of blindly relying on the website designer for a website’s visual aspect.

Instead, wireframes should be created by website developers using tools like Balsamiq or Mockingbird. A wireframe can give a website designer a framework to work with according to what the developer has in mind about the visitors’ experience.

5. Building A Website on a Custom Platform.

In most cases, developing a website on a common framework is better. If updating the company’s content, feel and look is a major part of the needs of hosting the website, a common Content Management System (CMS) like Drupal, Joomla, SilverStripe or WordPress should be used.

If a shopping cart platform is needed to sell products online, then something like bigcommerce.com or Magento should be used. Maintainability and the ease of migrating to another platform is the main reason a website should be built on a common platform. This way, the website can be updated or upgraded by practically anyone who has knowledge of website development.

Use This Knowledge To Avoid These Common Website Development Mistakes.

No doubt, the revelations above were not very shocking because after all these were common mistakes that are made during the process of developing a website.

Therefore, the above knowledge should be used to avoid such mistakes that can lead to problems. A step back should be taken and attention should be paid to these mistakes, so that they can be addressed accordingly.