Agile Website Development, Why It Makes a Difference

Agile Website Development it Makes a Difference

Agile website development is not a particular action, daylong exercise or process.

Agile website development is an attitude and a mindset with which a developer may undertake a project.

In agile website development the project is streamlined. This way, time inefficiencies are taken away, sanity checks are frequently performed and it is made sure that excessive time is not spent on things that do not add value to the project. Agile website develop is about making sure that time is spent only on actions through which value is added to a website and the website becomes better.

It is also about making sure that energy and time is taken away from parts of the process that result in headaches. With agile website development, the same goals and milestones can be reached by a website development team in half the time or less. These are just the basics of how agile website development makes a difference, and there is more to follow.

Agile Website Development vs. Traditional Website Development.

The Turning Point In Traditional Website Development Process.

In the past 10 years or so, the traditional website development process has been carried out with the help of focus groups, site maps, use-case scenarios and wireframes. These tools have been used to develop effective websites; however, efficiency and speed are really important in the high-paced industry of today.

Despite their place in the new world, these are used merely on the trickiest of website development projects and have been reduced.

What Has Changed?

In the past 5 years, the process of developing websites has been altered by three major changes. First, practically everyone is using the Internet today. Secondly, greater understanding of how websites are used has been gained. Third, vast strides have been taken in Content Management Systems (CMS) technologies.

However, the biggest change is the emergence of agile website development that reduces the unnecessary work that used to take up 80% of a project, and takes the process to the next level.

How Does The Agile Website Development Process Make A Difference?

Decision makers, the content entry team and the IT specialists are the only professionals needed for successful agile website development. It is true that rapid iterations can ensure the smooth running of every part of an agile website development process.

However, agile website development gives you the biggest time-savings with the reduction of time spent on overhead. This includes tasks such as hunting someone down for feedback, recapping, scheduling, staff reorganizations, training, etc.

With agile website development, key stakeholders will have to attend merely 3 hours of meetings instead of 4 meetings over 3 days instead of 5 months. Agile development is capable of immersing a website development team in building the website within a few weeks after the project has been started. Moreover, within a month, real website users will begin providing real-time feedback as well.

Agile website development will empower an internal website development team to make these changes and will train them to ask key questions, such as:

  • Will they reach their goals with agile website development?
  • Is agile website development better than traditional website development?
  • What is the worst that could happen if agile website development is tried for a week?

The current day and page is the perfect time for new technology. Agile website development is a tool that gets right to heart of the matter of developing websites without wasting time on minutia and noise that slow many website developers down.

Agile Website Development Really Makes A Difference.

The processes involved in developing a website can be significantly reduced if agile project management is used. The process of developing a website that may take 4 to 8 months under a traditional website develop process can be reduced to just 1 month with agile website development.

With agile website development, the build process is cut down to its bare essentials as a result of which bottlenecks and project overhead are reduced. Thus, agile website development makes the process of developing a website as efficient and results-oriented as it can be.

This is why it can be said with certainty that agile website development does indeed make a major difference in many ways. In comparison to traditional website development, agile website development is certainly far more advanced.