Website Designers vs Graphic Designers

Website Designers vs Graphic Designers

The experiences of a website designer and a graphic designer can be completely different since website designers design for the web and graphic designers design for print media.

Comparing the two in major topic areas is the best way to understand what differentiates these two professionals.

Types Of Media That Website Designers & Graphic Designers Work On.

Before the actual difference between website designers and graphic designers can be understood, knowing the type of work that is done in each field is important.

Website designers typically work on:

  • Banner advertising
  • Email newsletters
  • Flash websites
  • Standard HTML websites

Graphic designers typically work on:

  • Business cards
  • Logos
  • Magazine advertisements
  • Product design and packaging

The list certainly goes on for both. However, perhaps there is one particular factor that differentiates the works that website designers and graphic designers work on. When designing for the web, website designers work on pieces that constantly evolve and are viewed on a computer screen. When designing for print, the finished product that graphic designers end up creating can be held in hand.

The Audience Of Website Designers & Graphic Designers.

Thinking about the experience of the audience is important whenever you are at the start a project, whether it is website design or a graphic design project and this experience also varies between the two.

At the most basic level, website design is more interactive since the designers are designing for the web, while graphic design is rarely interactive since graphic designers are usually designing for print.

In website design, generally the goal is to keep the audience on a particular website long enough to convert them. Website designers may have to work on an unlimited number of pages, so the audience can be enticed into browsing through the rest of the site by teasing’ them with snippets of content. Animation, clear navigation, interactivity and sound all come into play in various forms of website design.

In graphic design, the goal is to get a marketing message across by getting the audience to stay on a page long enough. The area available to achieve this in is often limited, such as a brochure or poster. One of the benefits of graphic design is that in most cases a physical product is being dealt with, so the design goals can also be achieved with the help of physical properties like shape and texture.

The Layout Used By Website Designers & Graphic Designers.

The use of a clear and effective layout becomes necessary for website designers and graphic designers. The goal is the same for both, i.e. using elements of design so that content can be presented to the audience.

The space available in which to create the design is what further differentiates website designers and graphic designers from each other.

In Website Design:

  • The space is measured in pixels.
  • Designing websites so that they look best at any monitor resolution and on any monitor size is a challenge faced by website designers.
  • The key to ensure that people remain on a website is consistent design and consistent navigation.

In Graphic Design:

  • The space is measured in inches.
  • Anything from a business card to a billboard on the highway may have to be dealt with by a graphic designer.
  • The space allowed is known from the beginning and the finished product looks the same regardless of who sees it.

How the layout is achieved is another thing that differentiates website designers and graphic designers from each other. In website design, it must be kept in mind that the design will be delivered to a programmer so that it can be prepared for the web. In graphic design, it is known that that final piece has to be delivered to the printer as-is, although it is made sure by the graphic designer that the final print job appears as intended.

Website Designers & Graphic Designers Are Not Equal But Separate.

It is quite obvious that despite a few similarities, there is a lot that differentiates website designers and graphic designers from each other. They both even have their own latest technologies that they must keep up with.

Although graphic designers may also be involved designing digital graphical content, ultimately their medium is usually print in most cases. For website designers it is the opposite since it is obvious that they design for the web. Of course, both are ultimately designers, and work in fields that are highly marketable.