5 Tips on How to Improve Your Websites Conversion During Design

Website Design and Conversion Optimisation

Without conversion consistently taking place, a website cannot succeed.

A conversion friendly website is a website that is capable of attracting visitors and converting them into paying customers.

The improved conversions directly help in achieving a satisfying shopping experience. Therefore, the point of view of the target shoppers must be kept in mind when designing a website and the website should then be designed accordingly.

To have a profitable website with great conversion rates, everything that shoppers want to know about should be delivered to them. While designing a website, there are many points that must be considered in order to improve the website’s conversion rates.

Optimizing A Website & Improving Its Conversion Rates

Here we have 5 tips that must be kept in mind when designing an eCommerce website to ensure that more conversions take place.

1. Use a clean design with emphasis on the products

When shoppers visit an eCommerce website, it should be absolutely obvious what is being sold within three seconds. Keeping the website design clean and professional, with plenty of large high-quality images is the best way to do this.

Shoppers will get distracted from viewing the wonderful products that are being sold on the website and ultimately buying them if the website’s design is busy and cluttered. Shoppers should not have to look around for clues on the website to figure out what is being sold. This will not get shoppers excited to buy from the website. The products should be showed off to encourage shoppers to buy them.

2. Make it easier for shoppers to contact the business.

If the telephone number of the company is prominently displayed on all the pages, preferably right in the website header, the credibility of the business and its website will be increased with shoppers. Greater credibility means greater conversions.

This lets the shoppers know that the website is not being run by a business operation that will disappear overnight, and they will become more confident about buying from the website. This way, shoppers also get the sense that they can always place a call on the provided telephone number if they have any issues with the products or the website. Bonus points if a toll-free number is displayed.

3. Ensure a stress-free shopping experience for shoppers.

Often successful eCommerce websites have copy in which particular features or policies, such as free shipping or a return policy, are called out. That is a great way in which any possible objections shoppers might have about buying from the website can be addressed even before they are raised.

For instance, things like the easy return policy, free shipping and low-price guarantees can be mentioned at the top of the website where they can be seen by everyone. If these points are addressed beforehand, shoppers will not have to worry about them while shopping and will be more likely to make a purchase.

4. Give the shopper the chance to trust the website.

According to more than 75% of shoppers, a factor that plays an important role in their decision to make a purchase is how credible and trustworthy a website looks. Borrowing some trust from trusted organizations is an easy way to improve the credibility of a website.

Conversion rates of a website can be increased by up to 36% simply by associating the website with trusted brand and groups, and by displaying familiar trustmarks. It is possible to get a website validated by groups that represent good business and security, such as the Better Business Bureau, TRUSTe and VeriSign. Then the logos of these sites can be prominently displayed in the header or footer of an eCommerce website.

5. Setting the website apart in the eyes of the shopper.

There are perhaps more than a billion eCommerce websites on the Internet selling something or other, but shoppers ultimately buy from those that stand out from the others. Therefore, telling the unique story of the business on an “About Us” page on the website is an ideal way of setting the business and website apart.

The About Us page should be linked in to the website’s navigation. The things that make the eCommerce story of a business endearing, funny and memorable should be narrated in the About Us page. The About Us page can be used to build a connection with shoppers and give them a good reason to make a purchase.

Design A Website For Greater Conversions

Hopefully, yourself and other eCommerce retailers now have plenty to think about and work on. Designing a website right from the start in a way that it will naturally boost the number of conversions is the best way to ensure that the conversion rates of the website never drop.

Hence, an eCommerce website should be designed by keeping tips such as the ones above in mind.