5 Web Based CRM Systems To Help Improve Efficiency

For businesses, both large and small, the use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is very important. A CRM system is as necessary for freelancers and small businesses as it is for enterprises and large businesses.

It is true that it is often complicated and tricky to manage customer relationships, but in order to run a successful business, doing so is necessary. With a CRM system, handling such a complicated and time-consuming aspect of business becomes more efficient and easier. There are a variety of web-based CRM systems out there on the Internet; here we take a look at five CRM systems that can really improve customer relationship management efficiency.

Web-Based CRM Systems That Are Worth Considering


Highrise is a popular small business CRM, web-based contact manager, from 37signals, who have developed a variety of other popular productivity web apps. Highrise CRM helps convert leads into done deals, manage contacts, schedule follow-ups, and set reminders. Highrise also helps to keep track of emails, follow-ups, notes, phone calls, and tasks.

Using Highrise makes it possible to share contacts and community history across the whole company so that everyone is always on the same page. Highrise makes a single history out of various interactions so those little points of contact can be put together and some sense can be made of it all.


PipelineDeals is a CRM and sales tracking software that can help a business sell more right away. The software is capable of help businesses manage, organize and track their contacts, deads and deals. Along with these benefits, unlimited data storage is delivered by PipelineDeals for just $24 per month.

As the name of this web-based CRM system implies, it is very sales-oriented, with emphasis on keeping a sales calender, organizing sales documents, sales itself and tracking leads. Thus, PipelineDeals is definitely worth considering for those in a sales environment. PipelineDeals will also provide businesses with a clear and simple picture of their sales pipeline making them more efficient.


When it comes to CRM solutions large and small businesses, Salesforce happens to be a leader. In the field of Customer Relationship Management systems, the Salesforce CRM is probably the most popular, available for a FREE 30-day trial and starting at $5 per month.

With Salesforce, the process of managing customer relations is integrated with the process of using Google AdWords integration to funnel new leads in the system. Along with customer relations management, this popular and powerful web-based CRM system also emphasizes on making sales. Features such as customizable reports, opportunitiy tracking, leading sourcing & routing, customizable dashboards, and much more is included in the various Salesforce plans.


SugarCRM is the fast-growing customer relationship management company in the world because they make Content Relationship Management simple. The updated user interface of the SugarCRM web-based CRM system makes it easier than ever to find and work with customer information. With full text search, information that is needed can be found a lot faster.

With a new drag and drop calendar interface, recurring calls and meetings can be created and their duration can be changed quite easily. Moreover, when using SugarCRM, marketing and sales are balanced. Above all, decent customer support features are offered by SugarCRM since customer support is a major part of content relationship management.


Zoho is an online CRM software program that makes it possible to manage customer support, inventory, marketing and sales in a single system. One of the best deals is offered by Zoho, from a perspective of price. The first 3 users can use this web-based CRM system for FREE, while the Standard, Professional and Enterprise Editions cost $12, $20 and $35 per month.

Apart from the fact that email marketing material cannot be sent and there is no SSL, the free edition is as good as the paid versions. Again, marketing, sales and support are well balanced by Zoho, and an inventory management system is also included in it.

Efficient Customer Relationship Management With These 5 CRM Web-Based Systems

Web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications make it possible for businesses of all sizes to grow their revenue with the help of tracking all forms of sales activity. In the business environment of today, web-based CRM systems such as those above can enable efficient customer relationship management.