5 Website Tools You Should Be Using

It is true that professional website developers tend to favor big budget website development tools like Microsoft’s Visual Studio, but there are numerous other tools available too. However, there are a myriad of free or inexpensive tools available that can be used by experienced website development professionals.

Many of these tools have little or no associated costs, and are simple to use. Instead of providing an extensive development environment, usually the focus of such tools is on a single aspect of the website development process. If you are a website developer with an aptitude for learning new tools, then here are 5 website tools you should be using because of how useful they are.

5 Inexpensive & Useful Website Development Tools That Are Worth Using

1. Funduc Search and Replace

Funduc Search and Replace is among the many tools that are designed to help search for specific text within files and replace that ext. However, the thing that makes this tool unique is that it searches and replacements can be performed by it across multiple files.

For instance, suppose the path of the Image directory for all files in the whole site needs to be changed. This tedious chore could be easily accomplished with the help of this utility. Even a preview of the found text is offered by this utility so that the text that is about to be changed can be seen before it is actually replaced.

2. Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit is a free, open source editor design to make it possible to edit dynamic languages. Komodo Edit is regarded as one of the best XML editors available these days. It runs on Linux, Mac and Windows computer systems, and a lot of features for CSS and HTML development and coding design are included in it. A variety of extensions, along with add-ons for languages and special characters are also offered by Komodo Edit.

Overall, Komodo Edit may not be the best HTML editor available out there, but for the price, it is at the top of the pack.

3. HTML-Kit

HTML-Kit is a free utility, similar to the free source code editor Notepad++. HTML-Kit is designed to help create and edit HTML files. When it comes to creating and editing HTML documents with HTML-Kit, line numbering and syntax highlighting are provided by it. The Preview mode is among the most useful functions of HTML-Kit in which WYSIWYG edition of the web page is provided.

For instance, text color, size, etc. can be changed and the code will be written by HTML-Kit to match the changes. Additionally, numerous useful tools like a calculator, a Date / Time tool, and a file name insertion tool are included in HTML-Kit.

4. Offline Explorer

Although Offline Explorer is available for $59.95, a 30-day trial can be downloaded for free. Despite its slight cost, it is worth including here because of how useful it. Offline Explorer is a tool that allows users to download websites so that they can be viewed and edited offline. Although it was designed to be a website developer’s tool, it can actually be used by anyone to download practically any website to view it offline.

This tool can prove to be useful for website developers who want to project even during down time when they do not have access to Internet connectivity, such as while on a long flight.

5. HTML Converter

HTML Converter is a free website development application available at Yellowpipe.com through which basic HTML code can be converted into ASP code, JavaScript or PHP. In fact, through this program basic HTML code can be converted into a variety of scripting languages. For those situations in which a website that comprises of static HTML pages needs to be modernized, HTML Converter is a utility that can prove to be useful.

With HTML Converter, beginning from scratch is never necessary. Simple the HTML code has to be copied to the next tool box and the appropriate conversion button has to be clicked to use this utility.

Take Advantage Of These 5 Useful Website Development Tools Without Spending Much

The biggest fear of most website developers is breaking the bank in the process of getting their hands on some good website development tools. However, the above examples are proof that this is not always the case. These were 5 website tools you should be using as a website developer because they are worth it and you will not be spending much.